10 Author Blog Killers that Will Guarantee You Lose Traffic

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10 Author Blog Killers that Will Guarantee You Lose Traffic

I started my first author blog back in 2004 before it was considered an effective marketing tool for authors. Back then, an author blog was considered little more than a way to express your personal views. I used my blog in conjunction with my first membership website dedicated to tennis coaching.

Without realising it at the time, I was using my blog to deliver unique and informative content to my target audience of tennis coaches without any intention of marketing or self-promotion. We have appeared to come a full circle as the buzz word of the moment is ‘Content Marketing’ and blogs are now considered powerful tools to connect with your target audience.

Since 2004 I have studied the art of producing and writing content on blogs. Working with and advising authors has further added to this ‘learning’ as I conducted a ‘needs analysis’ for each author and their target audience. The result was the creation of a blog that directly targeted the interests of those individuals who would buy their eBook. I have made my fair share of mistakes over the years and committed some strategic SEO errors. As a result of these successes and failures I have been able to help our clients achieve the desired results for their blogs.

To help you from learning the hard way I have documented 10 Author Blog Killers that you must avoid.

Author Blog Mistakes

1. The Content on Your Blog is Not Easily Accessible
Is your content free? Is it delivered to the reader in a user friendly way? Do you have categories for specific topics within your main topic? When a first-time visitor lands on your blog they must find it easy to gain access to your content. If it is not, they will leave and look elsewhere.

2. Your Posts Have Nothing to Do With Your Blog’s Theme
If my author blog is dedicated to the genre of ‘crime fiction’ and I randomly post an article about baseball then I have committed a major sin in not sticking to what my readers visit my blog for – and that is to read about topics or eBooks related to crime fiction!

3. You Become Lazy and Do No Provide Frequent and Fresh Content
The day you stop posting fresh and unique content is the day you start to lose traffic. Why would anyone continue to return to your blog if there is nothing new to read?

4. You Are a Prolific Poster of Useless Content
This is the other extreme to failing to post frequently.  Posting too much one day and then not at all for a week sends the message to your fans that they never know when to return to your blog. Eventually they may only visit once every few weeks.

5. You Think Your Blog is About You
Don’t take it personally, but your readers are not reading your blog because of you! That is unless you are a celebrity or an already established best-selling author. They are visiting your blog to read content that will solve their problem, entertain them, answer a question they have, to learn more or to satisfy a need or want. Not because they are interested in what you are doing on the weekend or to hear about you rant about the losing streak your favourite sports team is having!

6. Your Posts are Long-winded and are Too Long
People searching online are ‘time conscious’ and want information immediately. They do not want to spend too much time reading a long-winded post. I would recommend you try to aim for less than 700 words per post.

7. You Shy Away from Encouraging Your Fans to Engage and Post Comments
Engagement means that your fans are interacting with you and your network of subscribers. Turning off your comments feature on a blog is a sure sign that you do not want to encourage engagement.

8. You Avoid Responding to Comments and Do Not Want to Join in the Conversation
Failing to respond to comments is also another way to discourage interaction. When someone makes the effort to post a comment they are expecting some form of reply. If they do not receive a reply from you, or a fellow visitor, then they will likely not post a comment again.

9. Your Opening Paragraph Does Not Deliver on Grabbing the Reader’s Attention
Have you ever bought an eBook out of excitement due to reading a powerful and convincing description only to find that the first chapter is boring and does not deliver on your expectation? The same applies to a blog. You must write a compelling first paragraph that makes the reader want to read the entire article.

10. You Produce Uninviting Headlines that Fail to Force the Reader to Click on Your Post
One of the greatest skills a blogger can have is to know how to produce attention-grabbing and unique headlines that leaves the viewer with little choice but to click on and read more to resolve their curiosity.

If you are committing any of these ’10 Blog Killers’ then I would strongly advise you make the required changes as soon as you can.  Just one small change could increase the traffic to your blog which results in greater engagement with your ideal readers which then will likely result in increased eBook sales.