Your Top 20 Blogs of 2013 for Self-published Authors

Best eBook Author Blogs

Your Top 20 Blogs of 2013 for Self-published Authors

Our community at is dedicated to sharing information and helping writers and authors succeed. We know there is a large pool of talented and knowledgeable people around the globe sharing their experiences to help fellow authors.

So each year releases its top 20 blogs that strive to help self-published eBook authors. Although some blogs cater to a wider audience than just eBooks and self-publishing; we believe that they still provide the self-published author with some benefit.

We always welcome new entries and nominations for this Award and will share new blogs that we believe can provide additional help to you.

How we select the winners is based on several criteria from:

1. Content – the content must not be purely for self-serving reasons to self-promote. Bloggers must write and share content with the aim of informing the reader and not just constantly selling. The content must be unique, engaging and informative.

The blog’s content must be of high quality and related to writing, books, eBooks, authors, publishing and self-publishing. Ultimately, the content must deliver on what the reader wants.

2. Passionate bloggers – you can always tell when a blogger is passionate about their chosen topic. They write with interest, passion and thrive on helping others.

3. Multiple Nominations – valid nominations come from people other than the owner of the blog. Blogs that receive numerous nominations will gain great recognition and qualify to be reviewed.

4. Viewer Interaction – blogs are great tools to connect with your target audience. One way bloggers can interact with readers is via comments or a site forum. The quality and quantity of comments and interactions are also important.

5. Content volume – quality is always rated higher than volume. However, the best blogs always release content on a regular basis. Blogs that can keep the viewer returning on a daily or weekly basis are also given more weight. Blogs are ‘living conversations’ unlike static websites.

6. Popularity – Blogs that have a significant following are often delivering on providing quality content. Retention of readers is a key metric for bloggers. Popularity can be measured by website visitors, social media connections and reader interaction on the blog.

Although we focus on self-publishing and eBooks; we still value and accept nominations that cater towards printed books and publishing in general. It is only natural that eBook authors also want to see their writing in print.

Self-published authors may also pursue contracts with publishers in the future so any information that helps them do this is also valuable. Blogs just must have a strong component dedicated to eBooks and self-publishing.

These are just some of the criteria involved in selecting the best blogs for eBook authors.  Winners are selected on both subjective and objective criteria but mostly via the opinions and recommendations from writers and authors.

Each year brings about a fresh new look at nominations. previous winners could be nominated again and also be winners in subsequent years. We hope to find new wieners each year so please submit your nomination of a potential winner that has yet to be recognised.

We review the nominations at the end of each calendar year and announce the winners based on the trailing calendar year. This also reflects the winners that are still currently maintaining the quality and content of their blog.

And the Winners Are…….(in no particular order)

  1. JA Konrath –
  2. Self Publishing Magazine –
  3. Writer Unboxed –
  4. Smashwords –
  5. The Creative Penn –
  6. The Independent Publishing Magazine –
  7. Helping Writers Become Authors –
  8. Make a Living Writing –
  9. Live Write Thrive –
  10. Darcy Pattison –
  11. Write to Done –
  12. Positive Writer –
  13. Romance University –
  14. Lindsay Buroker –
  15. Catherine Ryan Howard –
  16. The Writer’s Guide to ePublishing –
  17. Self-publishing Today –
  18. Selling Books –
  19. Author Media –
  20. The Book Designer –

Congratulations to All Winners!
We hope that you visit these blogs as they contribute to the overall conversation in helping writers and authors succeed in a highly competitive market.

If you believe that there is a great blog out there that should be listed then submit your nomination now and it could be one of next year’s winners!