How to Generate Traffic to Your Author Blog

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How to Generate Traffic to Your Author Blog

1.    Join and promote your blog on social media with the goal of obtaining new subscribers every day.

2.    Comment on other blogs in your niche with informative responses.

3.    Submit your author blog to ‘Blogged’ and have it rated.

4.    Re-write your posts and submit to article directories (one unique article per site).

5.    Become involved in Yahoo answers and include a link in your bio.

6.    Create a group on Facebook and start interacting with other eBook enthusiasts.

7.    Submit your feed to RSS directories.

8.    Create a group on Goodreads and start interacting with fans of your genre.  They will likely check out your profile page where you have links to your blog.

9.    Utilize viral marketing tools such as Reddit.

10.    Add a link to your blog from your author profile page on an online community.

11.    Submit videos to YouTube with a link back to your blog.