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How to Create an eBook Cover Using Ultimate eBook Creator

Many people have a dream of being an author and wonder how to go about publishing an eBook and specifically how to self-publish on Kindle, Barned & Noble, iBookStore, Smashword, Lulu. But how to do you create a winning eBook cover cheaply?

Ultimate eBook Creator is one of the best eBook creation software on the market today. You MUST create a winning eBook cover. You can pay a designed to create one for you or use software.

You can write your eBook from scratch using the built in professional WYSIWYG editor or, if you already have your content in a text file or word document, then you can literally import all your content into UEC, organize your content into chapters and sections and have your eBook published in less than 30 mins (depending on how large the book is).

UEC is probably the only eBook software you will ever need! It takes care of all your complex formatting and automatically generates your ‘Table of Contents’, so all your formatting headaches are gone!

You can generate for Kindle (MOBI), Barnes and Noble, iBookStore, Smashwords, LULU.com (EPUB) or generate an MS Word document or even a PDF document!

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