5 Ways to Use Video in Your eBook Marketing Campaign

5 Ways to Use Video in Your eBook Marketing Campaign

eBook Trailers – A trailer is basically an ‘acted-out’ dramatization of your eBook synopsis. I have discussed eBook trailers in other posts so I won’t repeat those comments here. The tips below involve how you can use video to help promote your eBooks.

1. Author Video Interviews
This is a great way for you to connect with your readers. You can choose to do the talking yourself or have someone else conduct the interview and ask you a series of questions. For fiction authors; it allows you to tell the ‘behind-the-scenes’ story of your eBook.

2. Video eBook Commercials and Ads
These are videos that are made with the sole intention of being used for advertising. If you are going to create a direct promo then make sure it is short and to the point.

3. Viral Videos
These are videos that are designed to be submitted to online sites where others will then pass the video around.

4. Video eBook Reviews
You will want to source a reputable person to review your eBook. It would be highly unethical to create and submit a review of your own work.

5. Vlogs
A ‘Vlog’ is a video blog. It operates in the same way as a traditional blog would but instead of using text it uses video for all of its postings.

With the ever improving power of technology and the broadband capacity; online video has become more and more popular amongst internet users. It is essential that you do not ignore the power of using video as a way to drive traffic towards your author profile page, website, or eBook sales page.

eBook trailers are a great way of spreading the word about your new eBook and providing the audience with a little teaser about your upcoming eBook. They are used in the same way as the big movie houses use them for movie trailers. It’s basically a video advertisement for your eBook.

You will want to optimise your video title and description. This includes adding your keyword phrase in your video title and your video description. The top video sites will then be likely to rank your video more highly in searches for that keyword phrase. So if your eBook is in the Young Adult Fiction genre; then you will want to include this key phrase in your title.

Try to Get Your Viewers to:

  • Rate your video.
  • Add your video as one of their favourites.
  • Add a comment to your video.
  • Share your video with others (viral marketing)

By doing this you will be able to increase the popularity of your video. Author communities have been specifically designed for authors of eBooks. Internet viewers love video and this is a great way for authors to connect and interact with their readers.

You Will Receive More Hits for Your Video if You Make Sure That:

  • You have an eye catching keyword-rich title.
  • Make sure your video is professional and contains informative content.
  • You optimize your video for keywords.
  • Add descriptive meta-data to your video.
  • Tag your videos with keyword phrases.
  • Brand the video with your logo.
  • Add a link to your author page at the end of your video.
  • Keep the video to an appropriate length.
  • Add keyword-rich copy to the page the video is on.
  • Step by Step Progress for Maximum Profit Generating Results from Your Video:
  • Topic validation – select a growing niche you want to dominate.
  • Produce a high quality video for your niche topic.
  • Provide a location for your videos (YouTube)
  • Produce video content that invokes action from the viewer.
  • Optimize your video and location site.
  • Provide a path for your viewers to go and buy your eBook.

Key Point:

Video + Growing Market + List Building + Growth Strategies + Direct Pathways = Maximum Gain and Profit for Your eBook!