Webinars for Authors – Build Your Author Platform

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Webinars for Authors – Build Your Author Platform

Communicating with your audience has changed from the static text messages to the more interactive forms of video and audio due to the increasing speed of the internet.

A webinar is basically a form of online media delivery such as audio or video. These ‘webinars’ are often available for downloading from a website or delivered via an RSS feed over the Internet.

The technology to create webinars has come a long way. We are now in a position to utilise this free technology to create author interviews and share them with the world.

You Need to Ask Yourself:
Is the content on your webinar worth talking about? If you answer no, then you may need to re-work it so that it is something that will create some headlines and chatter among your audience.

1. Nothing Can Replace Great Content.
No amount of marketing will improve your content. If your webinar doesn’t satisfy the viewer’ needs, it won’t matter what you do to market it, because you’ll lose people just as fast as you gain them.

Your content has to be unique, compelling and catch the attention of your listener otherwise they will switch off and never return. Your webinar will be damaging your brand and reputation not helping it.

The content in your webinar has to be worth talking about and worth sharing otherwise all your efforts will be nothing more than a waste of your time. Quality content is still king!

2. How Do You Record an Interview?
There are many ways to conduct interviews; however, I find that Skype can be a useful tool especially if you are interviewing someone overseas.

3. OK, But How Can You Edit the Interview?
I have found that the free software ‘Audacity‘ to be a great tool to use for this. All you will have to do is drag and drop the file you have created and then you can edit it from there.

4. What about Format and Presentation?
Prior to conducting your interview, you will want to plan in advance with questions so that you are not stumbling around during the interview. Refer to some of the webinars and interviews with authors already posted on the top author sites.

If you choose to add music to your interviews make sure you use ‘royalty free’ music. Just as you wish to receive the reward for your digital files (eBook) so do the artists who create the music. Google ‘royalty free music’ to find what you are looking for.

5. Can Your Viewers Subscribe to the Webinar Easily?
You will want to make it as easy as possible for your viewers to access your webinars. People on the internet are impatient and will quickly move on if they find something too time consuming or difficult. Therefore aim to provide the pod cast to your viewers with just one click.

6. How Can You Make Your Webinar More Visible?
Your webinar needs to be visible on your website. If not, people may not find it. You can also create a side menu listing all of your webinars or devote an entire page to it. You can’t rely on Google’s search bots to find your webinars as they are not in the form of text and therefore cannot be easily indexed.

Therefore place your webinars in a key position on your site and don’t distract the viewer by placing a lot of other textual content or ads on this page.

One technique you may want to consider is to buy a domain name that is specifically devoted to your webinars on your key topic.

7. How Can You Further Entice Potential Viewers to Subscribe or Check Out Your Webinar?
Offer a free sample. People love free products and free samples.

Through experience; I have found that the best way to ensure that casual visitors to your web site subscribe to your webinars is to make each one instantly downloadable and consumable right there on your web site. Remember, one click is your goal to viewing!

A nice clean graphic stating ‘Listen Now’ will further help you to get someone to subscribe.

Internet surfers are just that, they surf the internet until they find something worth stopping for and having a look at.

8. Tell a Friend!
You will often find this option on the top sites. That is, you can ‘Tell a Friend’ by clicking on a link where you can email or notify your friend about your pod cast.

Therefore, as a creator, be sure to include this message about ‘telling a friend’ in your webinar so that it encourages the viewer to follow through. You will also want to add quality widgets or graphics as a tool to help them in sending it on to a friend.  If they find it all too difficult and time consuming then they won’t bother.

9. Measuring the Success of Your Author Webinar
As with all marketing campaigns you need some way to measure your success. Without a metric for measuring your progress you will be unable to understand where your marketing efforts are succeeding and where they are falling short.

The most beneficial metric I use is one that measures whether or not the viewer takes any further action such as visiting your author profile page, signing up for your newsletter or buying your eBook.

10. How Are Authors and Publishers Making Money from Webinars?
Exchange for email address which is then used to sell eBooks.
Subscriptions to future webinars
Advertisements within the webinar.
Customers get the webinar for free with a paid product.