What is an Imprint?

What is an Imprint?

What is an Imprint? That was what I asked myself when I first came across this term when I first started reading about sel-publishing. We often publish news stories about Amazon or one of the big publishers starting a new imprint.

An imprint can mean several different things so let’s try and clarify what it means in the publishing world just in case you come across this term.

Penguin, HarperCollins and now Amazon may have multiple imprints. The big publishers are divided into departments called imprints.

These different imprints are used by the publishing company to market books or eBooks to different demographic consumer segments. For example; Amazon started a new Christian imprint called Waterfall. This was Amazon’s 15th imprint.

Many publishers acquire existing imprints or small publishers. So basically you are just dealing with a niche-orientated smaller publisher that is targeting a specific audience.