When Self-publishing Don’t Be Surprised By these 10 Things

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Are you about to embark on a journey in self-publishing your eBook? Here are 10 things that shouldn’t surprise you when it comes to taking on the challenge in self-publishing your eBook.

Don’t Expect to Give Up Your Day Job Just Yet

While there are many encouraging and inspirational stories of self-published authors making millions of dollars each year from royalties, you must accept that they are in the minority.

You absolutely can make a good living from self-publishing, but it takes time and you will not achieve this overnight.
……So don’t be surprised if you do not make your fortune from self-publishing your first eBook.

The Greatest Help You May Receive Will Come from Your Competitors

When you sell your eBook in an online store, you are vying for the attention of your ideal readers and so are thousands of other authors. You want these viewers to buy your eBook over your competitors. Surprisingly, this does not deter authors from helping each other out.

There is a very strong bond between self-published authors and many are willing to share their advice, tips and knowledge with you via their blogs or social media networks.

You will also gain some great insight into how your competitors succeed by conducting some research into how they do it!

…..So don’t be surprised if another self-published author offers you help or proposes a joint venture.

You Should Not be Surprised by Some of the eBooks that Become Best-sellers

The best-selling authors are the authors who sell to a very niche-orientated audience. Instead of trying to connect with every reader in a large category such as crime fiction; you should try to find a sub-category for your eBook such as FBI, serial killers or CIA.

You will also find some very interesting and random categories that do well. People want information on all sorts of topics so don’t be surprised if you come across an author selling thousands of eBooks on ‘How to Train Your Dog to……’

……So don’t be surprised by the subject matter of eBooks that become best-sellers.

Non-fiction Has Made Many Authors a lot of Money

I am a non-fiction author. It has proven to be a lucrative choice for me to focus on sharing knowledge I have accumulated over the years.

I have successfully self-published eBooks on; tennis coaching (I was a coach for many years after college); how to live as an International student in college in the USA and eBooks on all aspects of self-publishing.

……So don’t be surprised by the money some self-published non-fiction authors make.

Your eBook Will Fail if You Do Not Promote it

As you write your eBook, do you get the feeling that as soon as you publish it you will start to sell thousands of copies? Well, I thought that I had written a best-seller with my first eBook. I quickly found out that this eBook failed to sell any copies in the first month simple because no-one knew about it.

It is up to each and every self-published author to identify their target audience, make their presence known and to promote their eBook directly to those readers who would want to buy it. Simply uploading your eBook to Amazon, sitting back and expecting sales to start appearing will only leave you disappointed.

……So if you do not promote, then don’t be surprised if you fail to sell any eBooks.

You Achieve Greater Success when You Become a Prolific Writer

Just because your first eBook was not a best-seller does not mean your next one will also not fail. The best-selling authors are often prolific writers who often achieve success by writing more. In fact, I rarely find an author who has experienced amazing success with their first eBook.

……So don’t be surprised if your ‘ninth eBook’ becomes a best-seller and then your back-list then takes off.

Self-publishing Requires a lot of Time and Effort

Don’t be surprised by just how much time and effort it takes to become a successful self-published author.

From writing, to building your author platform, connecting with your audience, posting on social media, writing and posting fresh content to your blog, conducting interviews, participating in discussion groups to creating your own profile on Goodreads; it takes a lot of time!

……So don’t be surprised from the amount of time you devote to self-publishing.

Don’t Be Surprised if Publishers Come Knocking on Your Door When You Succeed

If you have a large platform, significant following and self-publish a best-selling eBook; don’t be surprised when the big publishers all of a sudden find the time to talk to you. As an unknown author, you are best to go straight into self-publishing. Then, if you hit the big time you have more power to dictate your terms to a publisher.

……So don’t be surprised when you succeed that offers come rolling in.

Don’t Be Surprised by How Lonely it Can be as a First-time Author

It will be up to you to go out and join in discussion groups, forums, online communities and to be proactive in connecting with fellow authors via social media. If you achieve success, you will find that people will start seeking you out to connect and partner with.

The more proactive you are and willing to join the ‘self-publishing community’ the more enjoyment you will get from writing as you will feel a greater sense of belonging.

……So don’t be surprised if you have to take the initiative to make friends.

Don’t Be Surprised by How Addictive Self-publishing Can Be

Back in 2004 I set out to write one eBook. Ten years later I have now published over 25 eBooks (some sold in stores, but most sold directly from my websites or included in my membership sites).

When you see that first sale appear in your account it is validation that just maybe you can succeed at self-publishing. When you start to experience a continual stream of sales it ignites this inner feeling to write more.

……So don’t be surprised when you decide to write a second and third eBook.

And Remember:
Do not write an eBook just because self-publishing is easier than it’s ever been. Write an eBook because it will be a great eBook that people will want to read!