How to Write a Blog Post People Will Read

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How to Write a Blog Post People Will Read

One of the most common blogging mistakes I come across when working as a Digital Strategist is that companies focus too much on ‘quantity’ and not enough on ‘quality.’

If you want to know how to write a blog post your readers will love then keep them in mind when writing. Your goal is to write and optimize a blog post that provides the viewer with factual information that answers their question.

Once you have great content then you must tick all the boxes to get your viewers to open and read your posts. To do this you need:

1. An Attention-Grabbing Post Title
People searching the internet are looking for specific information or answers for a problem they have. Your goal is to provide them with this factual information and to convince them via your blog post title that the information they want is within your post – all they have to do it read it!

2. Add Relevant and Attention-Grabbing Images
The success of Instagram and Pinterest show that we are visual creatures who love images and photos. When we connect immediately with an image that intrigues us then we will likely click the read more button. I recently read a statistic that stated blog posts with photos get over 90% more views than those without them.

If you are a prolific writer with hundreds of posts you will start to find it increasingly difficult to find the right stock photo to add to posts especially when you are writing about a niche topic.

The key is to not fall into the trap of adding just any irrelevant image to a post for the sake of it. The quality of the image you use can play a big role in reader engagement so choose wisely.

I use the following two sites for photos:
1. BigStockphoto
2. iStockphoto

3. Give the Answer Your Reader Wants Quickly
Forget the long-winded text as people want to be able to find what they’re looking for easily and quickly. If you want your viewers to stay on your website and continue reading similar posts of interest then give them the information they want quickly and in a format that is easy to find.

4. Write with Your Own Unique Writing Style and Personality
If you can create informative posts in an entertaining manner where the reader knows that there is a real person behind the content they’re reading and not some hired content writer then they will likely return.

5. First – Your Blog Must be Discovered by Your Target Audience!
The tips above will help to get your viewer to read your post once they have already discovered your blog. In order for them to find your post in the first place you must optimize your pages and posts so they can be easily found in the search engines. I use a plugin call Yoast to help with SEO >

In order to get your posts in front of your target audience you must optimize your post so that Google and the major search engines rank it highly for a search query. The most important part of great SEO is to find a word or phrase that readers are actively searching for on Google. Here is a great post on how you can optimize your blog post for Google >

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