25 Actions to Get Noticed by Your Ideal Readers


25 Actions to Get Noticed by Your Ideal Readers

When you rely on your ideal readers to find your eBook on an online store then you are going to fail in selling your eBook. There are some exceptions, but this is rare. With millions of eBooks being listed on Amazon there is a good chance your eBook will continue to slide down the search lists into obscurity and out of sight of your readers.

So, you must be proactive in doing all you can to put your eBook right in front of your ideal readers. Don’t wait for them to find your eBook, go and give it to them! Here are 25 tips on how you can achieve this.

1.    Build and Develop Your Author Website
Your author website should be at the center of your platform. Find a great domain name and start building an interactive website that provides fresh content to your audience.

Once you have your own author website then you can use this as your platform and via unique marketing techniques you can drive your readers to your website rather than just a sales page on an online store where they may get distracted by your competitor’s eBooks.
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2.    Build Your list
If you have yet to start building your list of loyal fans then you will want to get started immediately. Read this article on list building – List Building

3.    Create a Powerful Tagline
A powerful tagline tells your readers exactly what you do. I often include the tagline ‘eBook Marketing Consultant.’ Read this article on Creating Powerful Headlines

4.    Partner with Influential People
Do some research and identify the top twenty people who have an influence over your audience. Contact them and work hard at developing a relationship where they will talk about your eBook on their blog. Read this article on Partnering with Influential People

5.    Join Twitter
Twitter is a great tool to connect and meet your readers and also to find fellow authors in your category. Read this article on Twitter for Authors

6.    Join Goodreads
If you have yet to join Goodreads then go and do so. Once you have, create a compelling and information author profile page. Don’t forget to add your eBooks to their database. Read this article on Goodreads

7.    Join Facebook
Create your Facebook Fan page and invite your fans to interact via this page.

8.    Join YouTube
Set up your YouTube channel and start uploading author interviews or trailers for your eBooks.

9.    Join Pinterest
Pinterest is a visual way to share your eBooks and topics of interest.

10.    Optimize Your Blog Posts
Revisit your previous posts and see if you can create more powerful and compelling headlines. Identify your keywords and include them in your headlines.

11.    Create an Author Profile on Amazon
If you sell your eBooks on Amazon you want to make sure you have an up to date and interesting author profile page.

12.    Take a Professional Author Photo
Without realizing it, maybe it is your author photo that is letting you down. I have seen some pretty amateurish photos over the years.  Read this article on Author Photos

13.    Tell a Story and Publish it to Wattpad
Connect with your readers through a short story on Wattpad.

14.    Post Your Own Comments
Find the forums, communities and discussion groups where your readers hangout and go add your own comments. Add a link to your website in the author bio section.

15.    Sign up for Google Authorship
Google Authorship provides you with the opportunity to add your photo next to your article in the search results and stand out.

16.    Promote Free Copies
Visit Rafflecopter and start your own free eBook giveaway right there on your website or blog. Promote this giveaway via your social media platforms.

17.    Leverage the Power of Google Alerts
I use Google Alerts to keep track of what is going on for my eBook’s topic and category. By jumping on current news items you can join in the conversation.

18.    Become the Expert in Your Field
Don’t be shy! Do all you can to establish yourself as the expert for your specific niche topic. You can do this through informative posts, videos, eCourse, tutorials and answering questions.

19.    Make Yourself Known on HARO
HARO is a great way to connect with journalists who may be interested in writing about your field. Read this article on HARO

20.    Post Fresh Content to Social Media
Make the most of each and every post or tweet you send out. Focus on quality and not quantity. Send out content that engages and captures your audience’s attention.

21.    Create a Business Card
Who said business cards are dead. Whenever you meet someone at a party, conference, expo, reading club or in public hand them your business card. Include your author website address on the card and invite then to connect again in the future.

22.    Write a Press Release
Press releases can help you stand out from the crowd. A press release alone will not deliver you ultimate success but incorporating press releases into your overall eBook marketing strategy are well worthwhile.

23.    Present at a Local Book Club
There are book clubs in just about every town. Offer to go and speak about your writing, your eBook or a topic of interest shared by the club’s members.

24.    Write More eBooks!
The more you write the greater the chance of your audience finding out about you.

25.    Become a Featured Author
Find sites (e.g. eBookAuthor.com) that provide you with the opportunity of becoming a ‘featured author.’ This will help you to standout in a crowded place.